6 Super Bowl Ads That Got Political this Year

These are companies that truly deserve our business!

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Even if they didn't specifically call out Trump.

Lina Bradford kikis with Candis Cayne for the return of In The Dollhouse

Catch up on season 2 of In The Dollhouse With Lina!

The two trans icons discuss growing up on the 90s New York scene.


What's The T ? shared Strut's video.

Don't forget to catch Cece Asuncion's new series coming out on his agency, Slay Model Management, Strut on Oxygen, Sept. 20, 2016 - 9/8 C!

Fierce, focused and flashy. #Strut's models step into the spotlight September 20 at 9/8c.

Strut: Official Trailer - New Series Premieres Tues Sep 20 9/8c l Oxygen

Congratulations to Director Cecilio Asuncion on opening Slay Model Management and the new show on Oxygen, #strut !

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Oxygen's new reality series about Slay Model Management, the first exclusively transgender modeling agency, from Whoopi Goldberg premieres Tuesday, September...

Nya, Filipina Trans Reality Star, to Grand Marshal San Francisco's Pride Parade

Congratulations to Nya on her interview with NBC News on Transcendent on Fuse!

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Last fall marked the premiere of "Transcendent," a reality show following the lives of five trans women in San Francisco. The show, which just be

Transgender politician Geraldine Roman poised to make history in Catholic Philippines

Congratulations to Geraldine Roman, making strides in the community! #win #philippines #lgbt #transpinay #genderproud #pride

'If Jesus Christ was alive today, he would not approve of discrimination,' said Roman.

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Ramiro Ortiz ano ang nag yayari diyen

The Logical Indian

What's The T ? shared The Logical Indian's video.

The more you know!

From our friends at It Matters. All you need to know about the Hijra communities in India in just two minutes.

VIDEO: "My New Skin" Transgender Women Share Their Story

Amazing new project by the super talented Ziv Sade at Moovz!

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MOOVZ is proud to team up with Ziv Sade and Slay Model Management for the "My New Skin" project, which features seven transgender female

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Ziv Sade 😍😍💅🏼😈🦄 thank you!!

ID2P: The Transgender Fight Against Restroom Discrimination - Moovz

A great piece written by our friend, Aurora Sexton!

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It is rarely taken into account the dangers and humiliation thrown onto trans people forced into the bathrooms they don’t identify as. There is verbal, physical, and in some cases sexual abuse and assault.

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Come see the amazing Candis Cayne tonight at Le Bal!

What's the T?

Happy Holidays from the cast and crew of What's the T? Watch us On Hulu !

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T as in "trans-gender." Award winning documentary exploring the challenges, successes and lives of five trans-gender women – who began life as males.

Transforming the Modeling Industry | Obsev

Happy #spiritday! See how these gorgeous #transmodels are helping change the way beauty is seen! #genderproud #girlslikeus #transmodels #lgbt #equality

The recent rise of impactful and empowering voices, specifically in the transgender community, has undeniably changed the world for the better. With women like Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Cox--who have become pop culture icons—the future’s looking bright for those who have come out, and for their man…

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What's The T ? with Claudia Charriez.

It's time for the modeling industry to get behind the movement. See our story on Obsev ! #Transmodels #genderproud #girlslikeus #spiritday #slaymodels #transisbeautiful #lgbt #whatsthet #hulu #obsev

Logo, Model Geena Rocero Launch Transgender Youth-Themed Web Series

Congratulations to Geena Rocero on this new adventure! #variety #geenarocero #genderproud #lgbt #transyouth #logo #girlslikeus

Transgender model Geena Rocero has partnered with LGBT-themed cabler Logo for “Beautiful as I Want to Be,” a video series spotlighting transgender youth. Each of the four-part episodes (teased belo...

Watch a Supportive Mom Surprise Her Transgender Teen with Hormone Therapy | Teen Vogue

Such a beautiful moment! #genderproud #greatparenting #parenting #lgbt #teenvogue #love #girlslikeus

"I want people to watch this video, and see the raw emotion of a transgender child that can finally live her life the way she feels inside."

'Transcendent' Cast Spotlight: Nya

We are so proud of Nya for being on the new show on Fuse Network, Transcendent! #transpinay #girlslikeus #genderproud #lgbt #asiasf Show premieres on Sept 30, 2015 on Fuse!

Get to know outspoken ringleader Nya ahead of the 'Transcendent' series premiere on Wednesday, September 30, at 11:30/10:30c, only on Fuse

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Terrel Smith What a beautiful woman!

Nya Thank you love 😘😘😘


Very Important! Please take the Survey! #genderproud #girlslikeus #trans #whatsthet #transgender #survey

The 2015 U.S. Trans Survey is the new name of the largest survey ever devoted to the lives and experiences of trans people.

All-Transgender Modeling Agency is Set to Launch

Congratulations to What's the T? Director Cecilio Asuncion for being the Apple Model Management LA director! #girlslikeus #transgender #lgbt #genderproud #models #fashion #whatsthet #hulu #comcast #amazon #caitlynjenner

Apple Model Management L.A. is ready to trans-form the modeling industry as the world’s first agency to represent all-transgender models.

27 Transgender Film and TV Portrayals That Helped Turn the Tide

An amazing list of #transgender portrayals by #theadvocate. #girlslikeus #lgbt #genderproud #tv #film #whatsthet #hulu #indieflix #documentary #caitlynjenner #comcast

Forty years of influential performances, from Dog Day Afternoon to The Crying Game to Transparent.

Girl Scouts Return $100K When Donor Demands It 'Not Be Used' For Trans Girls

A wonderful article written by our friend, Mitch Kellaway! Yet another reason to not feel guilty about eating those Girl Scout cookies. #genderproud #girlslikeus #lgbt #lovewins #whatsthet #transgender #hulu #amazon #indieflix

'Girl Scouts is for every girl,' says a troop leader, who's looking for new donations to recoup the lost funds.

Cecilio Asuncion on THE JOLT with Larry Flick

Director Cecilio Asuncion on The Jolt SiriusXM Radio! #lgbt #pride #hulu #transgender #documentary #girlslikeus #genderproud

Cecilio Asuncion, director of 'What's the T?' talks about his debut feature documentary on Sirius XM!!!

John Barrowman attacked for saying 'tranny', tells offended trans people to 'lighten up'

Another #gay guy telling the #trans community how to feel. Tsk, tsk. Bye career! #girlslikeus #genderproud #lgbt #embarrassment

That didn't go down well

Y'all Come Back: Stories of Queer Southern Migration

What's The T ? shared Queer Cultural Center's event.

Our very own Mia Tu Mutch is featured on "Y'all come back!" #genderproud #lgbt #sanfrancisco #pride

Queer Cultural Center and Y'all Come Back: Stories of Queer Southern Migration present Y'all Come Back: Stories of Queer Southern Migration Visual art exhibition - June 1 - July 17 TWO Performances on June 13 3 & 7 PM, $12-20, NOTAFLOF - ALL AGES Visual art reception - 5pm (Free) LIVE WEBCAST from anywhere: 3pm PST / 5pm CST / 6pm EST Please be mindful of the showtime you select, as we can't guarantee a switcharoo at the box office: Purchase 3PM tickets: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/1565129 Purchase 7PM tickets: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/1565143 VIEW OUR LIVESTREAM: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/4amnotes (If you didn't get a chance to buy a ticket, we would appreciate a $5 donation for artists! Paypal: yallcomebackshow@gmail.com) Bring CA$H for drinks, merch, and Southern-style snacks like biscuits, cornbread, pie, and vegan mac n cheese!! Coming to 3pm show? Stay after and enjoy the art show festivities! Coming to the 7pm showtime? Swing by early to socialize, view art and have a drink! ---------------------------------- Think the South is only about Republicans, sweet tea and fried food? Well, bless your heart. Experience the real queer Dirty South as artists explore our identities and stories of our migration to and from the U.S. South. Through performance events and a visual art exhibition, we draw attention to catalysts of migration and question the meaning of Home. We also point out our impact on the local communities we leave behind and move to, such as displacement in urban hubs like San Francisco. Featuring performances/works from: The Lady Ms. VaginaJenkins Gary Edjukated Rebel Brice Alysia Angel Angélica De Jesús Star Amerasu Mia Tu Mutch Jerre Bear Fine Mother Tongue Techniques Kentucky Fried Woman Events are y’all-inclusive for Southerners and non-Southerners alike... so y’all come! Visit the 2nd floor gallery for visual / audio work from: Lewis Wallace Ariyah April Art Kiki DeLovely Rae Strozzo Angélica De Jesús Kiernan Dunn Fallon Young Felix McGuire Catherine Shiel Amanda Arkansassy Harris Xavier Juárez Bill Pappas Elizabeth Oscar Maynard Lacey Johnson Bri Peterson Learn more + meet the artists! www.yallcomebackshow.com Photography at event by Sarah Deragon Livestream Tech Lucas Guilkey Stage Hand Lauren Mentzel Show Tech Christine Dumke ** Please do not wear scents to the shows so that everyone may enjoy the festivities. ** Here's a great resource if you need more info: http://www.brownstargirl.org/blog/fragrance-free-femme-of-colour-realness-draft-15 ACCESSIBILITY: ASL interpretation will be available Saturday, June 13 at the 3PM show only and LIVESTREAM. Interpreters: Travis Olazabal & Jackie Yokela We ask attendees to wear scent free products, and we will have reserved scent-free seating The entire venue is accessible, including the performance venue and gallery space. Please note the front door does not have a push button that opens the door. However, doors will be propped open during the entire event. Gallery videos will feature closed captioning Do you have an accessibility request not on this list? Holler at us! yallcomebackshow@gmail.com


Americans Against the Tea Party

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Americans Against the Tea Party

World First Transgender Models Division!!

Congratulations to all the ladies of Apple Model Management #genderproud #girlslikeus #lgbt #models #whatsthet

Apple Model Management is proud to present :The World First Transgender Models Division"!!